Monday, October 02, 2006

Microsoft and security

I have just seen this article on BBC News: Microsoft 'taking security risks'

It is from one of the many anti-virus vendors that are all whinging about Microsoft locking them (and dodgy device driver writers) out of the core of Windows Vista.

I am not a fan of Microsoft products to say the least, but if anyone has tried to uninstall Norton Anti-Virus in the past I agree with Microsoft. These security products really do screw things up if you decide to remove them and not pay to renew them each year.

Just speak to any Mac fan (for reference, I don't own an Apple computer. The reasons why are a whole other post). The thing they like most about their nice looking toys is that they never get an operating system crash. Why? Because everything on Macs is made by Apple. They keep their cards close to their chest. They supply all the hardware and the operating system which all work seamlessly together.

So why is Windows so unstable? Mainly because companies that make hardware and low-level software/device drivers don't have the expertise or testing facilities needed to alter the windows operating system. They make hardware that has been designed and tested with a final cheap price tag in mind when it hits the shops. I wonder why it is unreliable?

With everyone locked out and an Apple type situation the buck stops with Microsoft. If anyone asks the question 'Why is Windows Vista so unstable' there is only one place to point the finger. Microsoft have to get this right and make Vista secure and stable. Looking at the stupid number of Windows security updates they produce their track record is, how can I put this, crap!

So if third-party vendors cannot try and save the day, and if Microsoft screws up where will this leave everyone? People will need an alternative operating system to Vista on their PCs. What are the options? At the moment, its Linux. But, one second don't Macs now run on the same instruction set as Windows - ie Intel? Yes. Mr Steve Jobs, can we please have Mac OS for our PCs?

Knowing this guy if he wants to, he will make it happen and make it work well. Just expect the PC version of Mac OS to be a bit cut down so there is still a reason to buy your hardware from Apple as well.

If Jobs doesn't rise to the challenge we will be left with a very large vacuum. Someone has to because I think there is a 25% chance Microsoft get this right. And Im praying they do!

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