Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Gordon Brown.

Tony Blair is due to resign soon. This means the country has to have a new Prime Minister. I am really worried that will be Mr Brown.

At the next General Election, who my local politician is and how good or bad a track record they have is pretty irrelevant. We are voting for who gets to live in No 10 and run the country.

To state my stance on this politically, I used to support the Conservatives. However there was no way I would elect William Hague or Michael Howard to office. I have voted Labour a couple of times and must say I have been relatively impressed with Tony Blair.

Internationally he is someone I am almost proud to have representing the country. He has a personality and charisma about him. He has built a lot of bridges and has been the face of reason. How he managed not to enter a slanging match when the French wanted to abolish our European rebate is a mircale. While he does not yet carry much weight in America I agree with his policy of supporting the Americans over the EU.

On the subject of the EU I shudder at half the legislation we get pushed upon us by being within the EU. For example some criminals who are proved guilty beyond any doubt but get released due to a lack of common sense being applied in courts in respect of EU laws etc. We are one of the most advanced and developed countries in the EU. Most of the countries in the EU are governed so differently to us (Ie Socialism vs Capitalism) I believe being in the EU is damaging us and we should consider pulling out of membership completely. We seem to benefit little from it financially or otherwise, and I see no reason why we couldn't form a free trade agreement with Europe should we withdraw from it. Our MPs should debate all legislation and implement only that which is in our best interests.

Back at home, the guy brought in all hours drinking. I've raised a few glasses to that one. He has also fought for equality for all which I support. I recall the Conservatives opposed both of these.

So what has he failed on?

Pensions? This is because a certain chancellor started taxing pension funds. Wonder why there is no money left in them?

Council Tax? Rises have been well above inflation yet services have remained pretty static.

Railways? Ticket prices are ridiculous and the service is not improving to meet demand.

NHS? Most trusts are in debt and cuts are being made.

Admitted to date inflation has been low, but all the above are to do with failings to finance and manage departments financially. Isn't the Chancellor of the Exchequer to blame for that? Thanks Gordon.

Do we really want this guy to screw up everything else? I think he is a has-been. Everytime he speaks in public he comes across as Moses - this is my decision, it's set in stone and all shall follow. He admits openly he will do things differently to Tony. God help us if he gets the job of Prime Minister.

Tony - will you stay in office for a couple more years?? Please? Failing that I will think seriously about Mr Cameron.


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