Friday, January 19, 2007

Religion and Racism

Political correctness really has gone too far.

Due to insignificant comments on a crap reality series there is a huge political storm blowing about racism at the moment. From what I have heard of the matter it seems some housemates on Celebrity Big Brother disliked one of the other housemates. Now if it were not for the bitching, back stabbing and mini cliques why would anyone watch Big Brother? That is the whole attraction of the format. Is it not human nature that if you fall out with someone you will slag them off in some way? If the comments had been about hair colour or body fat it would be OK. But because its about this persons place of birth its an outrage. Also since when has Jade Goody been a spokesperson for this country's policies on anything?

To the people who complained about it - get a life. If you are so sensitive you should be more selective of what you watch on TV. I'd recommend you avoid kids TV cos sometimes they show a cartoon where a cat chases a poor little mouse.

What next? If one of the news readers is wearing a dress with a pattern I don't like can I complain? Will it be debated in the House of Commons?

To me the issue here is that these people have someone to complain to. Their complaint should be filed in the round draw marked Trash under someone's desk where it belongs.

We had a similar situation a few months back about a cartoon published in a newspaper. Can these people not just think, 'Crap newspaper' or 'That Jade is thick' and get on with their lives? It's a really good job everyone isn't that sensitive. Imagine the trouble every time a comedian told a joke about the scouse or the welsh?

If the british government introduced a policy to ban black people from our schools and cities they would have something to protest about. This really is out of control and someone needs to slap them into order. (My blog might be on the news tonight for inciting racist violence hehe).

While I'm on the subject, how come it is legal to have an equal opportunities policy that states a company should employ 10% of workers from a minority ethnic background? I have heard of numerous cases where HR managers would insist more black people are recruited to balance the proportion. So 2 people are at an interview and the black one gets the job because the company does not employ enough black people at the moment. That is the definition of racism to me - chosing someone over someone else because of their ethnic background. Hell even counting the ethnic background of all staff is racist.


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