Monday, January 15, 2007


Kylie had to pull out of one of her Manchester concerts mid-performance due to ill health.

My thoughts are with Kylie at the moment.

I really hope she only has the flu or a normal chill and will be back to herself in a few days.

No-one can imagine what she has been through with all her cancer treatment. She was diagnosed in May, but was not allowed home the following christmas because she was still having treatment.

After such debilitating treatment it is amazing that she has made the public comeback she did manage. At the moment she is probably realising the permanent effects of her illness. I suspect she has pushed herself so hard to complete this tour to prove to herself she is back to normal. Having to pull out must be heart-breaking.

Someone needs to tell her she can't do things like this - public acts at the peak of fitness complain on behind-the-scenes films of how tough it is touring. After her disease she needs to relax and take care of herself. I don't think there is one fan that wants her to push herself so hard she suffers more health problems.

From her beginnings in music as a squeaky actor who couldn't sing without the help of Stock, Aitkin and Waterman voice processing she has come a long way and the songs she has realeased over the last few years have been really good. She has proved herself as a real musical talent and superstar and should sit back and take stock of what she has done.

Kylie, we will always have the songs you've recorded so far. Relax and look after yourself.

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