Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Windows Vista launched, yawn!

Today is the launch day of Windows Vista to the domestic market - it has been available to businesses for two months already.

Does anyone need it? Not really. Have I tried it? Yes. Have I upgraded? No chance!!

The way I view the evolution of windows is that under Windows XP most PCs are now more than fast enough. People can surf the web and do word processing. Most people have a PC of some form.

That means Microsoft and PC makers have got their money from the customers and the customers are now happy at home using their PC and software. This is the problem.

Microsoft has to add better graphics to the user interface so it looks slow on your existing PC. Then you go and buy a new PC with enough grunt to make Vista look fast. They have to persuade you the new Windows is better and you have to have it so they continue making money. But you don't!!

Let's look at this upgrade process realistically. Yeah Vista may only (cough) be £250, but then half your peripherals and expansion cards stop working. You replace the problem hardware with Vista compatible versions. Then half your software is not compatible. You have to buy different software to do the same job - and have to spend time learning how it works. You also have to spend time learning how to tweak and use Vista. Now you are back to where you were, running Vista and able to do everything you used to do. Except your PC responds much slower. Then you shell out to expand your PC - a bit more memory. That speeds it up a bit until you can afford a brand new machine.

Before upgrading be aware of the total cost - it ain't just the Vista license. Ask yourself what have I wanted to do on my computer that I can't do at the moment yet I will be able to do if I upgrade? Is the benefit worth the financial cost and upheaval? The only answer I can find to this is a few bouncy icons. So what?

The security improvements will keep out the current type of viruses but wait a couple of months and there will be viruses for Vista. Also watch that the improvements in Vista may require you to subscribe (yes monthly cost for ever) to Windows Live. Lastly how come a Vista license in the UK costs twice the US price??


Update: See A lawyers view of the Vista T&Cs and Vista security claim challenged.

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